Saturday, January 21, 2012

Are you hibernating?

P-Doodle napping in my office on a cold winter's day.
These cold, rainy, snowy, icy and dark winter days often find many of us hibernating inside our homes. Nicki was the inspiration for this post as she was curled up in my home office the other day. Normally she likes to sit at my front storm door and look outside and watch anything and everything that goes on in my neighborhood. But on this particular chilly day, she decided to just take a nap instead - after all, there couldn't be anything outside that trumps a nap on a warm rug!

Now that you are spending more time (or shall I say hibernating? We Virginians don't tolerate the cold very well!) inside of your home, what creature comforts are lacking? What design projects are on your new year's resolutions list?  Let me a comment here! I'd love to hear your ideas so that I know what topics to blog about in the coming months.

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