Friday, April 20, 2012

Nicki Hits the Dog Biscuit Jackpot

Since Nicki-Noodle accompanied me to the bank this afternoon, I opted for the good ol' drive through instead of the ATM.  Sometimes human interaction is good, especially when I know dog treats might be involved.  When my bank receipt was returned and no dog biscuit accompanied it in the tube, I politely and kindly asked if they had any dog treats today.  After all, the teller JUST HAD to have seen a furry black poodle hanging out of the car window taking in all the sights and sounds!  Well, she must have felt badly for overlooking said canine and graciously sent back not one, but two biscuits.  I told Nicki she had hit the mother load (I was honestly not sure who was more excited the dog or me!) as she immediately started crunching on the tip of the Milkbone as I held in in my hand.

So, Inspired Interiors is wondering on this Friday of "Tax Week"... did you "hit the mother load" and get a tax refund?  Are you excited to put it to good use?  If so, why not remodel your kitchen, bathroom or another room in your home?  Don't know how to get started?  Contact Inspired Interiors.  One more thing:  hiring a designer does not mean spending more money than going it alone.  Designers help avoid costly mistakes and help you keep your project on track, on time and on budget.