Sunday, October 10, 2010

Case in Point

Last night as I was pulling some fabrics for a presentation, I tuned into "Sarah's House" on HGTV. The designer, Sarah Richardson, has purchased a old farmhouse on 50 acres and is completely gutting and remodeling it into the house of her dreams. On this episode, Sarah was remodeling the main bathroom. Remember my recent blog post about using yellow and grey together? Well, Sarah chose to start this bathroom remodel with her "splurge" on her window treatment fabric - $130 per yard yellow and graphite toile with flowers, bees and butterflies. How perfectly country! She went on to discuss how there is a big difference between pairing yellow and black and yellow and graphite. Graphite, being a dark grey, isn't as stark as black and keeps the palette from looking like a bumble bee. I thought this was a perfect case in point and I had to share it with you as a follow-up to my recent blog.

You can watch the whole episode online at:

Friday, October 1, 2010

"Why a Designer?"

"How do you answer the question, why a designer? Research shows that among affluent households that can afford an interior designer, only 15% actually use one. The campaign's goal is targeted towards the 85% who could be or should be using professional design services."

Inspired Interiors loves this "Myth vs Reality" List:
"It's too expensive" - "We met our budget"
"I'd lose control" - "We worked as a team"
"It's not practical" - "We love the results"
"It's out of my budget" - "We nailed the budget"
"It's not my style" - "It's so us!"

A big thank you to Decorative Furnishings Association for their new advertising campaign!

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