Monday, May 16, 2011

Being Patriotic is Cool!

Life has been crazy for the past few weeks, so I'm sorry for missing out on my blog posts.  I have lots to share with you... On Easter Sunday, Nicki and I went to the Monument Avenue Easter Parade where she enjoyed some vanilla ice cream straight from the cone!  This got me thinking about how very American ice cream's a staple at most every summer gathering and the simple sound of the ice cream truck cruising through the neighborhood conjures up memories of summertime and childhood days gone by.  A link on the Turkey Hill ice cream website insists that our favorite ice cream flavor tells a lot about our personality and even suggests which breed of dog we best associate with!  Uhhhh, Nicki hopes mine says POODLE.

Turkey Hill - Links to Ice Cream Personality Tests

While I was unable to attend the spring furniture market in High Point a few weeks ago, I enjoyed reading and hearing about the latest trends.  This video is excellent and talks about how the "Patriotic Spirit" was alive and well at the spring market - from "made in America" to Americana themes to Federalist details to historical references to a nostalgic spirit and definitely some stars and stripes. 

Nicki and I want to know, how about some ice cream to go along with this theme?  After all, Memorial Day is only 2 weeks away...