Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nicki, The Amazing Supervisor

Nicki and I think it's time for you to start some fall remodeling projects around your home.  In fact, Nicki's parents have been doing some late-summer remodeling of their master bathroom, thanks to an awesome wallpaper found by Inspired Interiors (see below).  Throughout it all, she's been a great supervisor.  For instance, while the vintage 1987 wallpaper was being stripped with a steamer, Nicki-Noodle enjoyed coming into the room and stealing a piece of glue covered wallpaper as a tasty snack.  Later, as her dad was doing some minor repairs to the drywall in the skylight over their soaking tub, she hopped up on the gang plank (aka 2" x 10"s) and dove into the unfilled tub below!  After a swift rescue by the Coast Guard (aka her mom), she posed for this picture to remind you just how much fun a remodeling project can be....especially when Inspired Interiors and Nicki, the amazing supervisor, are handling all the sticky details for you.

A gorgeous Albert Van Luit wallpaper!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun with Fabrics

Woah, August already?!?  Wasn't it just Memorial Day?  I hope you are enjoying your travels to wonderful locations.  Nicki sure has enjoyed all kinds of fun Inspired Interiors outings this summer, especially since my mom has been off from teaching school and has been able to lend a hand "dog sitting" while we drive around town and pop in and out of stores.  This is a picture I shot of her contemplating some fabric selections while I was picking up some fabric for a client's soon-to-be reupholstered settee yesterday.  I think the bright tropical patterns and colors were really "speaking" to her.  WOOF, WOOF!